With this function you can create a tree of categories and subcategories like the category tree on the left of this page.

[PHP-] $args = array( itemtype = 'blog' ); T_renderCategoryTree( $args ); // ------- outputs: [-PHP] <div class="typos-list-item has-children" data-id="1" data-type="blog">     <a href="#"> <p> Category Name </p> </a>     <div class="typos-list-submenu">         <div class="typos-list-item">         ......................         </div>     </div> </div> 


itemtype         (slug)           if this argument is provided, you get a category tree for this itemtype

categories      (array)           array of category ids that will feed the tree

show_items   (boolean)     show items that belong to each category

expandable   (boolean)     make categories expandable to reveal their items