Live Editing Pages

Edit your content right on your page's design instead of some ugly administration boxes.

On the LIVE EDITING mode you can see a control bar on the bottom of the screen. Click on the EDIT PAGE button to start editing the content and look of your page.

Block labels are enabled when you click on the EDIT PAGE button. You can also notice that a dashed border appears when the mouse is over a photo or text element. This means that this element is editable. You can click on it and edit it.

Our first block is the header block. It has a logo element and a menu. The logo is using the logo we defined in Site Options as a source. If we want to display a different logo we just click on it. Click on the logo and upload your own image. This is how easy you can change content on typOS pages. You can click on photos to change them or on text elements to edit them. But you can also change some options that define the appearance of the block, or the source of its content in some cases.

Click on the 3 dots icon on the Block label next to PROTYPON HEADER. An options box opens up. Every block has its own kind of options. The header block we are editing, allows you to change the menu source or the type of the block (which alters the appearance). There is also a button that opens up the menu editor so you can create or edit a menu.

Click around on content elements of the page and options of other blocks to understand how they work. It's fast and simple.