Install typOS press engine on your server.

- Once you have downloaded the latest version of typOS, unzip the contents of the file and upload them to your server.

- Create an database and keep the credentials (host, database name, username, password).

- Type the following url (assuming your website is

- typOS installation begins. In the first screen, you need to enter the database credentials.

- Next you can enter some data for your website. You can enter the title of your website, but you can always change this later. If you want typos to run from a folder inside your website (e.g. you must enter the name of that folder. You can also choose the default language for your website.

- In the next step, the database is created and formed, and after that quick proccess you can click on the create administrator button to create the administrator account. When you finish that, you are ready to login to your new typOS installation.