Create a page

Use blocks to compose a web page.

Click on the + icon on the REST PAGES list. A popup window will ask you for the title of the new page. Type the name and click SAVE. You will see a new on the list. Click it's icon to edit it.  

On the PAGE EDITING screen you can see a page preview on the left and the page structure  list on the right. Both are empty on our new page. On the bottom of the screen you can see and edit the title and slug for the page (slug is the name used in the URL). On the right you can see the page id, one button to delete the page and the live editing button.


Click on the + icon on the page structure list. The blocks library window opens and you can click on any block to add it on your page. Click on the PROTYPON HEADER block to select it. Add 3 more blocks: PROTYPON SLIDER, PROTYPON PAGE CONTENT and PROTYPON FOOTER.


You have just created a web page using 4 blocks. You can rearrange the order of the blocks. Drag PROTYPON CONTENT BLOCK over PROTYPON SLIDER on the page structure list to see what happens.


You can now edit the content of the blocks. You can click on any block on the page preview and edit it, but we recommend clicking on the live editing button and edit the page in live mode.


There are some blocks that you use them in more than one pages and you want them to be identical in every page. For example the Header or the Footer block. Read about Shared Blocks to see how you can do this.